You know you’re teaching in a Catholic school when . . .

4 Mar

From one of our Sisters who teaches junior high: the students were asked to do some peer evaluations.  One of them wrote: “Make sure you annunciate.”

I can’t remember thing four

29 Jan

Some more goodies from KatechismKids:

Me: Remember I asked you to pay attention to details during Mass, I want you to share some of the things you noticed.
Girl: Candles!
Girl: The bells!
Boy: The really really big crucifix!
Boy: I noticed four things that I would like to share about: the standing, the sitting, the kneeling, and… and… I can’t remember thing four, but it was important.

You can read the rest here.

I broke his neck

15 Jan

From my new favorite kids’ quotes blog:

Me: What wonderful, amazing feast and celebration has happened since I last saw you!?
Boy: Me getting stitches!

Boy: Woah! What’s that!?
Boy: Oh this? It’s just my… PHONE!
Me: That’s getting zipped up into your coat pocket.
Boy: Aw man! But it has games on it!
Me: That’s why it’s going in your coat pocket.

Boy: Mrs. Cous guess what? Yesterday I broke my cousin’s neck.
Me: What? You broke his neck? How?
Boy: We were fighting and wrestling around and I just – shickt! – broke it.
Boy: Oh my gosh, did you kill him?
Boy: No, he’s fine.

You can read more here.

Santa is kind of fat

11 Dec

I found a treasure store of kids’ quotes from the First Communion class from our parish:

Boy: Santa is kind of fat. I don’t want to be mean or make fun of him, I’m just saying what is true.

Me: We have a fun busy class tonight. We’re having a special visitor come to us!
Boy: Who? WHO?
Me: It’s a surprise, you’ll have to wait to find out!
Girl: Oh that’s the only thing I don’t like about a surprise! You don’t know what it is and you have to wait!

Me: Who knows what the word banquet means?
Boy: A wedding!
Me: Not exactly, but they might have a banquet at a wedding…
Girl: A dinner!
Me: Right, so in the song when we sing “Heavenly banquet” that means ––
Boy: Mmmmm, the best food ever.

You can read the rest of “Dear Lord–wait nevermind!” here.

It’s been awhile

13 Nov

I was just thinking today about how I haven’t posted here in for ever.  And then I came across this.  Real conversations from a First Communion class.

More letter excerpts

13 Jun

Continued from yesterday:

“I always liked when you would read martyr stories, and talk about the saints.  You’re the best sister/nun I  know, in fact.  Admittedly I only know you, but if I knew others, you’d be the best!”

“When you go to Rome and the Vatican and share storys those are the ones I like.  I like them because you are interesting and fun but also learn stuff to.  I want to visit the Vatican one day and go inside St. Peter’s and see all the cool stuff.  I hope I can go with you.”

“I like it when we say prayer at the beginning of class and pray for all those intentions.  I  like it when we pray because I can focus on the silence in the room and look deep into my heart.”‘

“My favorite part of Fiat club was when we made the rosaries out of swine.”  !!! (“twine”)

“Your teaching was always interesting.  For me, I think it was the only class I did not like missing.  In fact, I disliked missing this class so much I would rather go for the whole class period with you teaching than any party or assembly.  You were (and still are, of course!) always super kind and friendly.  You always said hi in the hallway enthusiastically even though you were probably tired from waking up early and driving all the way from Ann Arbor.”

I wish you were a saint

12 Jun

One of our Sisters has been teaching Religion one day a week at an elementary school.  She is leaving at the end of this year because of another position at a Catholic girls’ high school.  Her students wrote her good-bye letters.  Here are some excerpts:

From the seventh graders:

“My favorite memory of you is your amazing attitude, and who could forget about that million dollar smile.”

“I wish you were a saint so I could pick you for Confirmation.”

“I really enjoyed walking into the classroom excited to learn the next thing that you will teach us.  You have strengthened my spiritual and physical spirit throughout each school year.”

“The main thing I appreciated you for was that we always, and when I say always, I mean always, was that we had something to look forward to every week, even long hard days you always made it and it always woke us up if we were tired because we would always want to hear your stories.  You also gave us a break from everything, whenever there was boring religion classes, and there were lots of them.”

“Thank you so much for making an impact on my life with your classes.  They helped me truly understand what it really means to be a saint. . . . You and they [stories of the martyrs] have helped in a great inspiration to enter religious life. . . . Your classes and your life have taught me humility and love, the thing I will always need, and frankly, always want.  I will always remember you because you changed my life, because you were anything but the stereotypical nun/teacher, and because of your pure love and kindness.”


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