What really happened

31 Aug

Sr. Rebecca: “So what happened after Jesus came up out of the water?”

7th grader: “He was completely dry!” RTGy6MqTL.jpeg


Popes and holy water

30 Apr

Sharing these from https://katechismkids.wordpress.com

Me: The disciples and missionaries spread the news about Jesus all over the world.
Girl: Even Antarctica?
Me: Well, I don’t think very many missionaries go there, people don’t really live in Antarctica.
Boy: Except Santa Claus!
Girl: And my grandma!

Me (putting an old photo of beardless Fr. Ed on the board): A pastor takes care of a parish; our parish is Christ the King and our pastor is Fr. Ed.
Boy: Hey, nice! That guy even kind of looks like Fr. Ed!

Me: Our Pope takes care of the whole church, did you know there are 2 billion Catholics in the world?
Boy: So that means only 5 billion left to learn about being Catholic!

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Two voices in the confessional

13 Mar

Another post on my now favorite kids’ blog:

Father: Who is really forgiving you in the Sacrament of Penance?
Class: Jesus!
Father: Right! So when you hear me speaking, you’re really hearing Jesus.
Boy: Uh, so we’re going to hear two voices in confession?

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Two kinds of sin

5 Mar

More from First Communion Class:

Me: What are the two kinds of sin?
Boy: Uhhhh, mortal and victorious?

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You know you’re teaching in a Catholic school when . . .

4 Mar

From one of our Sisters who teaches junior high: the students were asked to do some peer evaluations.  One of them wrote: “Make sure you annunciate.”

I can’t remember thing four

29 Jan

Some more goodies from KatechismKids:

Me: Remember I asked you to pay attention to details during Mass, I want you to share some of the things you noticed.
Girl: Candles!
Girl: The bells!
Boy: The really really big crucifix!
Boy: I noticed four things that I would like to share about: the standing, the sitting, the kneeling, and… and… I can’t remember thing four, but it was important.

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I broke his neck

15 Jan

From my new favorite kids’ quotes blog:

Me: What wonderful, amazing feast and celebration has happened since I last saw you!?
Boy: Me getting stitches!

Boy: Woah! What’s that!?
Boy: Oh this? It’s just my… PHONE!
Me: That’s getting zipped up into your coat pocket.
Boy: Aw man! But it has games on it!
Me: That’s why it’s going in your coat pocket.

Boy: Mrs. Cous guess what? Yesterday I broke my cousin’s neck.
Me: What? You broke his neck? How?
Boy: We were fighting and wrestling around and I just – shickt! – broke it.
Boy: Oh my gosh, did you kill him?
Boy: No, he’s fine.

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