What was that again?

8 Apr

From someone who teaches at the same school as some of our Sisters:

One of my 4-year-olds was eating at the snack table and overheard someone at the other table.  She commented on that conversation and then turned to me, smiled, and said,” I heard that out of the corner of my ear.”

His old clothes

23 May

“After they scourged Jesus and crowned him with thorns, they let him put his old clothes back on.”


I want to be a Sister!

23 Jan

When talking about religious life in my classroom, one of the boys
said to me, “Sr. Sarah, you always have so many great stories and
wonderful experiences to share and you are always happy! I want to be
a Sister too!”  (I assured him that he would make a cute Sister).

What did you say his name was again?

24 May

“What was the name of the man who helped Jesus carry his cross?”

“Simon of Siberia.”

How did he know?

24 May

“How did the Roman Centurion know that Jesus was dead?”

“He looked.”


The two women at the foot of the cross

21 Mar

“Who were the two women at the foot of the Cross?”  

Sixth grader: “Mary and Hansel”  ??

My least favorite

7 Jun

In answer to a test question:

“Matrimony is the seventh and last sacrament.  It is my least favorite.”  (a fifth grader)


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